The Elev8 Venture Capital Fund intends to fund companies at their early venture capital stages. At seed or early growth valuations are low and risk can be mitigated by strong management and advisory networks bringing insights, skills and networks into the markets and the products being developed. In recent years venture financed companies have grown to become substantial companies; Shoes of Prey, founded in 2009, has now raised over $31m and established a new head office in New York, Hatchtech was sold to Dr Reddy’s (India) in September 2015 for $279m (subject to milestones). Atlassian, Freelancer, and Ozforex now have substantial listed market capitalisation with $8.2bn , $0.48bn , and $0.38bn respectively. Longer established venture companies such as Resmed, Cochlear and Seek have moved into the mainstream with market capitalisations of $11.2bn , 6.8bn and 5.1bn respectively.


The PWC report on the start-up economy notes ‘Australian tech start-ups are supported by a rapidly expanding ecosystem with strong recent growth in incubators, accelerators and angel groups. Entrepreneurs today have access to a wide network of support’. The launch of the National Innovation and Science Agenda in December 2015 provides some further tangible steps that directly support growth of new ventures, particularly in new technologies. These range from tax incentives that encourage the flow of capital, introducing an Entrepreneur Visa class, making Government an exemplar in innovation and adoption of new technologies and facilitating risk taking by reducing the penalties of failure through insolvency.

These have generated more interest from angel investors, high net wealth individuals, Venture Capital (VC) funds and institutional investors. With the climate changing to investing and accepting more risk, Australia is a more productive and accepting environment for new businesses and technologies. Australians and aspiring international business people have a world view and are both innovative and entrepreneurial, but in need of capital and business mentoring. Elev8 Ventures can provide these skills and resources to early stage companies and help them develop, create jobs, satisfy needs, and disrupt markets to improve competitiveness in the Australian and global economy.

Our Vision


Elev8 Venture Capital Fund will fund seed, start up and early expansion stages of development companies in Australia. The Fund will assist ambitious, committed, skilled teams take an idea or concept through to end product and to market. Through the combined efforts of Australia’s very innovative small companies, Elev8 Ventures will provide funding, mentoring and support to create the next generation of companies that lead the world in sustainable, and largely technology driven, pathways. Elev8 Ventures seeks to help promote Australia as a skilled nation, leading reform in sustainable technology and creating a community ‘for now and beyond’ to benefit future generations. The fund will take equity positions in unlisted companies that have high potential for disruption and large target markets. PWC outlined many of these sectors in their 2013 report on the start-up economy.

The fund is not limited to these industries, as invention and technology continually enable new and more streamlined ways of accomplishing tasks or delivering services. However, only eligible ESVCLP investments25 will be considered for funding. The above industries serve to illustrate some of the opportunities envisaged; other industries include financial services, agriculture, medical and healthcare, and more widespread application of 3d printing and drone technologies to other industries. Companies that receive funding will join a list of those that are making headway into the future, leading a charge of skilled entrepreneurs who are improving the life of all Australians


  • The General Partner and management team have extensive experience and networks in investment management, information systems development and investor relations
  • One of the general partners has previously founded, grown and successfully exited a professional services company
  • The general partners and investment management have deep and diverse industry expertise
  • Significant quality deal flow and investment research
  • High growth potential businesses
  • ‘Hard to get’ information consolidated regarding investment opportunities and the markets they operate in
  • Strong company development roadmap with exit in sight on initial investment
  • Team is experienced in mergers and acquisitions and selling businesses
  • High growth potential investments
  • Effective experienced management team
  • Efficient use of capital
  • Proven effective investment processes: screening, negotiation, strategic and people management, entry and exit deal terms, fund reporting
  • Scalable and transportable business models
  • Principally through trade secrets and methodologies (Know how)
  • Trademarks and patent matters In healthcare and biotech
  • Elev8 Ventures Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Secured Funding Solutions Ltd, AFSL 298770, ACN 81 116 739 818
  • Strong compliance processes reinforced by regular rescreening of compliance with fund and legislation criteria
  • Exit planning over 3-5 year holding duration is embedded into the initial investment criteria and strategy
  • Investees will be groomed to meet acquisition criteria of potential acquirers
  • Active board involvement from the Fund Manager in investee companies will ensure exit strategies are maximised

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